VCL_RECV changes, x-compress-hint behavior change, bugfixes



  • Support for calling return (pipe) from vcl_recv has been removed after previously being deprecated. No action is required, save for awareness that rollbacks to older service versions containing calls to return(pipe) from vcl_recv will be blocked.


  • The x-compress-hint header will now only be added on ESI requests if it was not previously set. This is a change from the previous behavior, which was to automatically append x-compress-hint to on for ESI requests. This change allows a VCL service to override the x-compress-hint set by ESI. Existing logic should continue to work as it does today, however any existing activated services that have been setting the x-compress-hint header before ESI will now find their logic overriding the automatic setting.



  • A bugfix has been made regarding workspace memory usage and std.count.

Prior change: Add new Image Optimizer default settings API

Following change: JavaScript SDK 3.14.0