fastly tls-custom activation/list

List all TLS activations.


$ fastly tls-custom activation/list


--filter-certNoLimit the returned activations to a specific certificate
--filter-configNoLimit the returned activations to a specific TLS configuration
--filter-domainNoLimit the returned rules to a specific domain name
--includeNoInclude related objects (comma-separated values)
--jsonNoRender output as JSON
--pageNoPage number of data set to fetch
--per-pageNoNumber of records per page

Global options

--helpNoShow context-sensitive help.
--accept-defaultsNoAccept default options for all interactive prompts apart from Yes/No confirmations
--auto-yesNoAnswer yes automatically to all Yes/No confirmations. This may suppress security warnings
--debug-modeNoPrint API request and response details (NOTE: can disrupt the normal CLI flow output formatting)
--enable-ssoNoEnable Single-Sign On (SSO) for current profile execution (see also: 'fastly sso')
--non-interactiveNoDo not prompt for user input - suitable for CI processes. Equivalent to --accept-defaults and --auto-yes
--profileNoSwitch account profile for single command execution (see also: 'fastly profile switch')
--quietNoSilence all output except direct command output. This won't prevent interactive prompts (see: --accept-defaults, --auto-yes, --non-interactive)
--tokenNoFastly API token (or via FASTLY_API_TOKEN)
--verboseNoVerbose logging