Connect to Google Bigquery for Rust

Fastly Compute starter kit for Google Bigquery Connector.

Fastly Compute

Use this starter

Using the Fastly CLI, create a new project using this starter somewhere on your computer:

$ fastly compute init --from=

Or click the button below to create a GitHub repository, provision a Fastly service, and set up continuous deployment:

Deploy to Fastly

About this starter

This Fastly Compute starter kit is to connect to Google's BigQuery. You can use Data Manipulation Language (DML) since this uses jobs.query of bigquery API. The reason why this uses jobs.query to insert data rather than streaming insert api is to allow the inserted data to be modified immediately.


Put your GCP project information in the [bigquery] section of the src/config.toml file. You will need a service account for your project to connect BigQuery.

Next steps

Starters are a good way to bootstrap a project. For more specific use cases, and answers to common problems, try our library of code examples.