Real time push messaging

Push messaging allows events that occur on servers to be pushed to end users without the user having to refresh or request an update. There are several types of push messaging, suitable for different use cases. Using Fastly for real time messaging reduces load on your origin servers, allows messages to be routed efficiently to large numbers of clients, and offers extremely low latency.

WebSockets passthroughStreaming missFanout
Origin-client relationshipEach client has a pipe directly to origin. Fastly disregards the content.Fastly's cache allows multiple clients to get the same streamed response from originEvents you publish to Fastly are routed to clients based on channel subscriptions
PlatformsVCL and ComputeVCL and ComputeCompute only
Server to clientYesYesYes
Client to serverYesNoYes
DDoS protectionYesYesYes
Supported transportsWebSocketsServer-sent-eventsWebSockets
Long poll
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HINT: Push messaging is a major part of many real time communications use cases. Explore our RTC topic page for ideas and inspiration for what to do with Fastly's push messaging features.