Rust SDK 0.5.0



  • Added fastly::dictionary::Dictionary, which allows programs to look up values in Fastly Edge Dictionaries.

  • Added set_pci method to fastly::request::RequestExt and pci to fastly::request::RequestBuilderExt, which both prevent cached content subject to compliance rules from being written to non-volatile storage.

  • Added set_surrogate_key to fastly::request::RequestExt and surrogate_key to fastly::request::RequestBuilderExt. These allow surrogate keys to be added to cached content so that content may be purged in groups.

  • Added fastly::geo::Continent::as_code() for easy access to two-letter continent codes.


  • fastly::request::RequestExt now offers cache_override and cache_override_mut as accessors to a Request's CacheOverride instead of the get_ and set_ pair.

Prior change: Rust SDK 0.4.1

Following change: CLI v0.18.0