Rust SDK 0.8.1



  • Added a OpenError::DictionaryDoesNotExist error variant, which identifies when a dictionary couldn't be found.
  • Added Dictionary::try_open(), which returns a Result<Dictionary, OpenError>, allowing programs to explicitly handle open failures.
  • Added automatic gzip decompression for backend responses; see Request::set_auto_decompress_gzip().
  • Added Request::get_query_parameter() for easy access to individual query parameter strings.
  • Added get_ttl() and get_stale_while_revalidate() accessors for CacheOverride.


  • Renamed with_body_bytes() and set_body_bytes() methods to with_body_octet_stream() and set_body_octet_stream() to emphasize that they modify the Content-Type of the request or response. The original names are still present, but deprecated.
  • When reading from an HTTP body, an unexpected EOF (e.g., if a backend disconnects) results in an appropriately-tagged std::io::Error rather than the generic "fastly_http_body::read failed".


  • Panics caused when request limits are exceeded in Request::from_client() or the #[fastly::main] macro now log a more informative error message; previously it was reported as panicked at 'explicit panic'.

Prior change: CLI v1.3.0

Following change: Remove documentation references to region parameter for Stats Usage endpoints