JavaScript SDK 0.2.2



  • Add full support for TransformStreams
  • Support directly piping Request/Response bodies to other Requests/Responses instead of manually copying every chunk
  • Add support for the queueMicrotask global function
  • Add support for the structuredClone global function
  • Add support for the location global object as an instance of WorkerLocation
  • Support BigUint64Array and BigInt64Array in crypto.getRandomValues
  • Enable class static blocks syntax
  • Returned the exit code from the JS Compute Runtime, by passing it up through our CLI


  • Increase max supported header size from 4096 bytes to 69000 bytes
  • Update to SpiderMonkey 96 beta


  • Avoid waiting for async tasks that weren't passed to FetchEvent#waitUntil
  • Significantly improve spec-compliance of Request and Response builtins

Prior change: Add new Object Store API endpoints

Following change: Add Origin Inspector latency metrics