CLI v6.0.0


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There are three breaking changes in this release.

The first comes from the removal of logic related to user environment validation. This logic existed as an attempt to reduce the number of possible errors when trying to compile a Compute project. The reality was that this validation logic was tightly coupled to specific expectations of the CLI (and of its starter kits) and consequently resulted in errors that were often difficult to understand and debug, as well as restricting users from using their own tools and scripts. By simplifying the logic flow we hope to reduce friction for users who want to switch the tooling used, as well as reduce the general confusion caused for users when there are environment validation errors, while also reducing the maintenance overhead for contributors to the CLI code base. This change has meant we no longer need to define a --skip-validation flag and that resulted in a breaking interface change.

The second breaking change is to the objectstore command. This has now been renamed to object-store. Additionally, there is no keys, get or insert commands for manipulating the object-store entries. These operations have been moved to a separate subcommand object-store-entry as this keeps the naming and structural convention consistent with ACLs and Edge Dictionaries.

The third breaking change is to Edge Dictionaries, which sees the dictionary-item subcommand renamed to dictionary-entry, again for consistency with other similar subcommands.

  • Remove user environment validation logic #785
  • Rework objectstore subcommand #792
  • Rename object store 'keys' to 'entry' for consistency #795
  • refactor(dictionaryitem): rename from item to entry #798

Bug fixes

  • Fix description in the manifest #788


  • Update local_server object and secret store formats #789


  • refactor: move global struct and config.Source types into separate packages #796
  • refactor(secretstore): divide command files into separate packages #797

Prior change: CLI v5.1.1

Following change: Consistent naming of Resource API parameters