Rust SDK 0.3.0



  • Added the #[fastly::main] attribute to optionally reduce boilerplate in program entrypoints:
fn main(ds_req: Request<Body>) -> Result<impl ResponseExt, Error> {
  • Added downstream_tls_client_hello() to get the raw bytes of the TLS ClientHello message.

  • Added downstream_original_header_names_with_len() to get the request's header names as originally received, and in the original order they were received.

  • Added fastly::log::set_panic_endpoint(), which lets you redirect Rust panic output to the logging endpoint of your choice.


  • Generalized the Backend::send() method to take any argument that implements the fastly::RequestExt trait.


  • Removed the dependency on the regex crate.


  • Fixed validation for backend names, so that all valid backend names are now accepted. This was previously too conservative about what constitutes a valid backend name.

Prior change: Rust SDK 0.2.0-alpha4

Following change: April 2020 VCL release