Rust SDK 0.8.8



  • Added Request::get_tls_raw_client_certificate, which returns the client's mutual TLS certificate.
  • Added Request::get_tls_client_cert_verify_result, which returns an error code if applicable.
  • Added an experimental Request::handoff_websocket interface, which hands off a WebSocket request to a backend.
  • Added an experimental Request::handoff_fanout interface, which passes a request to the Fanout GRIP proxy.


  • Deprecated the experimental RequestUpgradeWebsocket::upgrade_websocket trait method.


  • Fixed some documentation misspellings.
  • Added an http::purge module, containing interfaces to purge surrogate keys. This was previously listed in the changelog of 0.8.7, but was not actually included in the release.

Prior change: CLI v4.2.0

Following change: Rust SDK 0.8.9

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