STRING, read-only.

Available inall subroutines.

A code representing the general region of the world in which the POP location resides.

As of the time of writing possible values for public pops are:

Region NameApproximate Geographic Location of Fastly POPs
AF-WestThe western regions of Africa
APACAustralia and New Zealand
AsiaThroughout the Asian continent (except India)
Asia-SouthSouthern Asia
EU-CentralThe central European continent
EU-EastThe eastern European continent
EU-WestThe western European continent
SA-EastEastern South America
SA-NorthNorthern South America
SA-SouthSouthern South America
South-AfricaThe southern regions of Africa
US-CentralThe central United States
US-EastThe eastern United States
US-WestThe western United States