Rule revisions

Rule revisions track new variations of rules as they change over time with enhancements, fixes, and improvements. This object allows you to find a specific variation of a rule for use in your application. An active rule on a firewall uses a specific rule revision.

Data model

idstringAlphanumeric string identifying a WAF rule revision. Read-only.
messagestringMessage metadata for the rule. Read-only.
modsec_rule_idintegerCorresponding ModSecurity rule ID. Read-only.
paranoia_levelintegerParanoia level for the rule. Read-only.
revisionintegerRevision number.
severityintegerSeverity metadata for the rule. Read-only.
sourcestringThe ModSecurity rule logic. Read-only.
statestringThe state, indicating if the revision is the most recent version of the rule. Read-only.
typestringResource type. [Default waf_rule_revision]
vclstringThe VCL representation of the rule logic. Read-only.
relationships.waf_rule.idstringAlphanumeric string identifying a WAF rule.


List revisions for a rule



Get a revision of a rule