STRING, can be read and unset, but not set.

Available inall subroutines.

Contains the error code raised by the last function, otherwise a not set string value.


EBADDECRYPTDecryption failed. Produced when the wrong key or IV are used.
EPARSENUMNumber parsing failed. Claimed to be produced by std.strtol but currently not possible.
ERANGENumerical result out of range.
EREGRECURCall to regex routine failed because of recursion limits.
EREGSUBCall to regex routine failed (generic).
ESESOOMOut of workspace memory.
EDOMDomain error. This occurs for a mathematical function which is not defined for a particular value; formally, that value is not considered part of its input domain. For example, division by zero, or var.x %= 5; where var.x is a floating point infinity.
ESYNTHOOMSynthetic response overflow.