A user of the Fastly API and web interface. A user is always associated with a customer. Some information may be limited depending on access level.

Data model

new_passwordstringThe user's new password.
old_passwordstringThe user's current password.
limit_servicesbooleanIndicates that the user has limited access to the customer's services.
lockedbooleanIndicates whether the is account is locked for editing or not.
loginstringThe login associated with the user (typically, an email address). Read-only.
namestringThe real life name of the user.
require_new_passwordbooleanIndicates if a new password is required at next login.
rolestringThe permissions role assigned to the user. Can be user, billing, engineer, or superuser.
two_factor_auth_enabledbooleanIndicates if 2FA is enabled on the user.
two_factor_setup_requiredbooleanIndicates if 2FA is required by the user's customer account.
created_atstringDate and time in ISO 8601 format. Read-only.
customer_idstringAlphanumeric string identifying the customer. Read-only.
deleted_atstringDate and time in ISO 8601 format. Read-only.
email_hashstringThe alphanumeric string identifying a email login. Read-only.
idstringAlphanumeric string identifying the user. Read-only.
updated_atstringDate and time in ISO 8601 format. Read-only.


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