Private Keys

A private key is used to sign a Certificate. A key can be used to sign multiple certificates.

Data model

All the domains (including wildcard domains) that are listed in any certificate's Subject Alternative Names (SAN) list.

keystringThe contents of the private key. Must be a PEM-formatted key. Not returned in response body. Required.
namestringA customizable name for your private key. Optional.
relationships.tls_activations.idstringAlphanumeric string identifying a TLS activation.
relationships.tls_domains.idstringThe domain name.
typestringResource type. [Default tls_private_key]
created_atstringDate and time in ISO 8601 format. Read-only.
deleted_atstringDate and time in ISO 8601 format. Read-only.
idstringAlphanumeric string identifying a private Key. Read-only.
key_lengthintegerThe key length used to generate the private key. Read-only.
key_typestringThe algorithm used to generate the private key. Must be RSA. Read-only.
public_key_sha1stringUseful for safely identifying the key. Read-only.
replacebooleanA recommendation from Fastly to replace this private key and all associated certificates. Read-only.
updated_atstringDate and time in ISO 8601 format. Read-only.


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