How the image will be orientated.

The orient parameter controls the cardinal orientation of the image.



Allowed values

rOrient the image right.
lOrient the image left.
hFlip the image horizontally.
vFlip the image vertically.
hvFlip the image both horizontally and vertically (also vh).
2Flip the image horizontally.
3Flip the image horizontally and vertically.
4Flip the image vertically.
5Flip the image horizontally, then orient the image left (also rv or vr).
6Orient the image right.
7Flip the image horizontally, then orient the image right (also lv or vl).
8Orient the image left.


  1. By default, if the source image contains orientation information stored within its metadata, that orientation will be applied to the image data and the orientation override removed from metadata.
  2. The numerical values are the same as EXIF rotation numbers.


Click the links to view the transformed image using a demo Fastly IO service.

Example usageDescription
?orient=rOrient the image right
?orient=2Flip vertically
?orient=3Flip vertically and horizontally