Available inall subroutines.

Returns the original representation of the base64url_nopad-encoded string s as produced by digest.base64url_nopad.

Although the input string may contain encoded binary data, the resulting output is treated as a string. As such, any NUL characters in the string will appear as a truncated result.

The = character is not used for padding, and is instead treated like any other invalid character. Invalid characters are skipped when decoding. For example, the Base64-encoded input aGVsbG8=0 decodes to hello4. This is the only difference to the digest.base64url_decode function.

See digest.base64_decode for handling invalid characters.


declare local var.base64url_nopad_decoded STRING;
set var.base64url_nopad_decoded = digest.base64url_nopad_decode("zprOsc67z47PgiDOv8-Bzq_Pg86xz4TOtQ");
# var.base64url_nopad_decoded is now "Καλώς ορίσατε"