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Digital publishing

Your editorial cycles shouldn’t have to wait on antiquated workflows. Fastly powers modern digital publishing with instant global updates to cached content, real-time visibility, and easy integration into your existing content management system (CMS). Don’t be limited by traditional CDNs. Deliver the latest news, media, and entertainment on your terms with Fastly.

“We use Fastly to entirely manage our paywall. It’s so much cleaner and faster because we’re not messing with our underlying website. And it’s a better experience for our users because it’s at the edge.”
Dan Harden, Engineering Manager
“In Fastly’s model, we’re using a shared service for 100+ properties, giving our development teams the control and tools they need to do their jobs — without having to go back to a third-party vendor.”
Kris Vincent, Manager of Developer Solutions Team
“We used to have a huge backend infrastructure for our Pin it button — we were able to move the service to Fastly and completely turn that off, saving huge costs on our AWS bill and accelerating the service.”
Josh Enders, Traffic Engineer
“On top of making the CDN layer much more transparent, much more simple, Fastly comes with a set of tools that allow you to get a lot more insight on what’s happening at the edge.”
Clément Huyghebaert, Director of Engineering

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Fastly helps ecommerce companies innovate faster. You can purge rapidly changing content like inventory or pricing within 150 milliseconds, so shoppers always see the most updated content. Our network caches more at the edge, reducing hits on your origin during high-traffic events, and improving shopping experiences across web and mobile.

“When you do a Super Bowl ad, over 100 million people are tuning in. For us, working with Fastly was all about setting up the website to be scalable and secure, and to deliver a really seamless experience for anybody that came to the site that day. We had tons of traffic, and the site held up and scaled exactly how we hoped it would thanks to Fastly.”
Michael Dubin, CEO

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Online video & audio

Packaging and delivering streaming content can be challenging. Fastly makes it easy, providing high-quality experiences for both on-demand and live-stream content without limitations on video frame rates or resolutions. Our platform architecture and POP configurations make it easy to store both high-demand and long-tail content at the edge.

“Not only did Fastly provide the type of cost savings and scalability that we were looking for in the market, the performance to the end users was greatly increased. I think every business would prefer to focus on their core technology and what they're best at. With Fastly, I believe we found the magic wand.”
Stephen Blankenship, VP of Product

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Software as a Service

With Fastly, you can make new software deployments instantly available to your global users. Real-time logs allow you to monitor the impact of new code in production and immediately roll back a deployment if necessary. Fastly gives you the control you need to deliver services quickly, reliably, and securely.

“Customers were asking for a more comprehensive solution to HTTPS, and that’s been essential to improving the services on the platform, reliability of the platform, resiliency against attacks. It’s been a pretty big relief to move those responsibilities to Fastly. It’s straightforward to use, it’s capable, and it’s handled some of the biggest traffic days some of our sites have enjoyed — including top 100 sites.”
David Strauss, CTO and Co-founder
“We work with Fastly because it’s a company with values that are significantly similar to ours — they are focused on delivering really high-quality products, making things that people previously thought impossible part of the everyday routine. We can now make and revert changes instantaneously — Fastly has taken a part of our business and done it better than we ever could.”
Nic Benders, Chief Architect

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Travel & hospitality

You shouldn’t have to choose between speed and timely content updates. With Fastly, you can cache rapidly changing content including inventory, pricing, and traveler reviews. You can even cache full APIs, moving app content closer to mobile users for a better experience.

“With Fastly we can implement ideas quickly, going from concept to reality within a couple of days, which took weeks with prior vendors. This industry is all about speed and agility, and Fastly really enhances that.”
Tom Parker, VP of Information Technology

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Financial Services

The way people manage their money is changing, and customer expectations are rising. Fastly helps you deliver the fast, reliable, and secure digital experiences your customers demand. We enable you to innovate while ensuring availability and business continuity across web and mobile applications.

“We were faced with really faced and tough and rapid decisions as to how we would scale our business, and by leveraging Fastly, we could quickly distribute globally in a turnkey fashion. Fastly has delivered a really high-quality service to us, and it’s allowed to scale and grow as fast as we have.”
Michael Wuhler, Co-founder and Business Development

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